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Following the images are uploaded, you may choose sizes, photo paper finishes, and way more. The next paragraphs summarize the process for producing and beginning up a new GALAXY system. The queues want not be empty, however, so long as a Release 6 (as opposed to Release 5 or earlier) GALAXY system is already working. APPENDIX D Generating A Tailored BATCH AND SPOOLING SYSTEM Generating A Tailored BATCH AND SPOOLING SYSTEM This appendix describes find out how to generate a TOPS-20 batch and spooling (GALAXY) system specifically tailored to your installation. As you carry up the system, the system output will differ from that shown in Chapters four and 5 or Appendix A, Sections A.2.7 and A.2.8. If you're performing an update set up, proceed to Appendix A, Updating the DECSYSTEM-20 Software, Sections A.2.7 and A.2.8, Steps forty eight by means of 63, to complete the software program installation and to shut your system down and produce it back up once more.

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